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The Brand

Rina Zin established her brand in 1990, and today owns 5 boutique stores in Israel.

Rina’s unique hand writing and timeless designs attract women of all ages, who are drawn to the subtlety of her theatrical styles and the uncompromising quality of her collections.

Combining feminine, sophisticated and tailored lines, Rina’s collections are always sensual and soft, caressing the body and creating an ongoing dialogue with the wearer’s body. Known for their intricate details and flawless quality, Rina’s collections comprise of unusual combinations of fabrics and knits with differing degrees of sheerness, metallic tints and textures. Rina’s studio operates as a traditional atelier, combining traditional hand crafts with new technologies, which enable the implementation of unusual fabric dyeing and softening techniques.

Through the years, Rina perfected her very own trademark style and color palette, to create a highly defined yet surprisingly rich language, which distinguishes her collections.

The Studio & Boutiques

Rina Zin owns 4 boutiques and an outlet store carrying her brand, located in Israel’s most prestigious Fashion avenues;

Diziengoff Street in Tel Aviv, Usishkin street in Ramat-Hasharon, Nahlat Shiva in Jerusalem and the studio and studio-shop in Yavne, the heart of Rina’s work creation. Rina’s outlet store is located in Tepper House in the Southern part of Tel Aviv.

The Designer

With previous background in the theatre, Rina started as an accessories and children’s clothing designer, and opened her first brand store in her hometown Yavne in 1990. Today, Rina owns 5 boutique stores in Israel.

“Acknowledging that everything I think of has already been done keeps me conscious, restless and attentive. Every day, I put myself to the test, trying to do better than yesterday, aspiring to give birth to creations that will stand the test of time, that are creative and desirable, inspiring yet wearable and welcoming at the same time.

Every garment I create is the fruit of a very long process, trials, wonder, and meticulously hard work. I call it an “intelligent garment”, as it reaches up to such a degree of clarity and refinement that the result is as a bright thought.

With that, at the end of each day, I see clear proof that depth and maturity really are an advantage”.