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Take a deep breath

No matter what happens, take a deep breath. Even close your eyes, if you feel you need to. You’re allowed to close your eyes. Let the universe fade out for a minute, and breathe deeply.

Always look for clean air, where ever you go, look for clean air. Without residues of anything foreign. Clear.

Let the air fill your rib cage, slowly go down to your stomach, rest for a minute in your pelvis and wash down to your feet. Let it lift you a little, up to your toes. Float. Just for a moment.

With light fingers, flutter, over your eyebrows, your eyelids. Touch your lips. Just to make sure, to remind your self, that you’re there. You’re always there.

No matter what happens, always take a deep breath. Let your shoulders down. Let their load slip down to the floor, land in a soft pile and quiet down. Stretch your neck, to the limit of your ability, reach your hand up and touch a cloud. You know you can touch a cloud. You know a cloud can touch you.

No matter what happens, slow down, let the world keep running. It can do without you sometimes, some of the time you can do without it. You are breathing now. Air.

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