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New Order

Nature is so smart. Although it seems that here, in the middle east, the seasons only exist in theory, if you look carefully you will find that they (very much) leave their mark. Golden to brown and dust fields at the end of the summer, bright cloud shapes in the fall, trees who lost their leaves and the blanket of green, after the first rain falls.

Nature, much like wardrobes, has it’s own time and pace. Sometimes big winds storm through it, the same with wardrobes. But mostly everything flows – Summer, fall, winter, spring. Red flowers go to the top shelf, when the yellow ones take over every free spot. Greens make space for the summer thorns, peacefully.


Tu Bishvat, although its name comes from the calendar and the human imagination, appears precisely on the transition from nakedness to bloom. It’s always there, right at that week when all the Almond trees bud flowers at the same time.  Turning grey wood into a large jewel, covered in soft pink and white buds. Every year at the same time. When the winter understands, that half of it has past, and its time is getting short, it sends a short term greeting to spring that is soon to come.


Wardrobes that connect to nature, know that this time, in the hebrew month – Shvat, is a great moment to freshen up themselves. To rearrange and accurate items that captured a place in the heart, and to make room for new and fresh items, for which it is the first season.


For rearranging closets and for Tu Bishvat – A gift item on each purchase of 700 shekels or higher, in Rina Zin stores – T-shirt or cardigan to choose from.


  • Between 8-10/2/2017 on Rina Zin shops (not including website)
  • One gift per clients, from items available

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