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Take a deep breath

No matter what happens, take a deep breath. Even close your eyes, if you feel you need to. You’re allowed to close your eyes. Let the universe fade out for a minute, and breathe deeply. Always look for clean air, where ever you go, look for clean air. Without residues of anything foreign. Clear. Let […]

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Wearing white

Wearing white is totally a state of mind. Some days you can’t even contain all that brightness. Days on which the whiteness clashes with some inner darkness. Because, you can most certainly admit it, sometimes there is an inner darkness. Bust when spring peeks and almost touches summer, when the air fills wish wheat wisps […]

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Finding the right movement. I’ve been looking for it for years – the one that fits my rhythm of life (which also changes from time to time), the amount of air I know how to breath,  the speed of my thought, that sometimes flies really fast, but sometimes wishes to slow, to just be, to […]

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A Foreign Shore

A shore at the end of the winter, by the sea of a completely foreign country. It’s tones can be seen only by a searching eye. Mountains dropping into the water, covered in color full houses and evergreens. And silence. Silence that fills every organ in your body. The sound of the waves, coming and […]

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On the Seam Line

Between wills. Walking. On the most delicate spot of connection, between today and yesterday, between the young me and the adult. A whole life exists in the invisible gap, between good and bad, truth and lie, imagination and reality. Step by step, only on the thin lines between the sidewalk’s stones. Balancing my left to […]

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New Order

Nature is so smart. Although it seems that here, in the middle east, the seasons only exist in theory, if you look carefully you will find that they (very much) leave their mark. Golden to brown and dust fields at the end of the summer, bright cloud shapes in the fall, trees who lost their […]

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Wandering thoughts Crossing borders Vibrating orchestra Compounding fabrics Together between opposite worlds Unthreading while Others are standing.

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